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Adi Holzer was born in Stockerau near Vienna in 1936 and finished his studies at the Akademie der bildenden Künste in Vienna in 1960. He is married to a Dane and has lived in Denmark since 1962. He has strongly marked several churches, public buildings, and institutions in his commissions in Denmark, Germany, and Austria.

In Denmark - in the past decenniums - many artists have avoided the biblical sources as a starting point for their artistic expressions in the churches. Adi Holzer had the courage to oppose this widespread tendency. He has a solid basis in the biblical literature and was able - in his characteristic strong imagery - to create a figurative expression, which can be dramatic or meditative, but never luscious or indifferent.​

The coloristic power is a determining factor in Adi Holzer's art, he masters the difficult balance between the coloristic strength and the colored variegation in his richly varied palette. Holzer's world of pictures is highly life confirmatory. A popular theme in his picture world is found in the world of the artiste. 

Music is also an important source of inspiration for Adi Holzer. This has manifested in graphical series dedicated to Mahler, Mozart, and Bruckner amongst others. In terms of the artistic medium, Adi Holzer is very well-founded as he expresses himself in paintings, in glass mosaic, in etching, lithography, and silkscreen, in bronze and goblins. A confrontation with Adi Holzer is a confrontation with a richly facetted, world-open artist - a confrontation that can bring the matter to mind and light into a dismal day.

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